Examining a Conspiracy Theory about Satoshi’s Intent

Why write an essay about this tired topic?

A TL;DR of the argument


The meaning of “money”

Satoshi’s ideology

Satoshi‘s references to Bitcoin as like gold

Trying to figure out a non-money analogy for Bitcoin.

What can we infer from the timing of Bitcoin’s release?

Is Satoshi using the common meaning of “cash”?

Examining the whitepaper‘s stance on MoE vs. SoV in more detail

The abstract

The introduction

Section 6: Incentive

Section 8: Simplified Payment Verification

General whitepaper remarks

The meaning of “peer to peer” in the whitepaper

If Satoshi was creating a MoE, would he have made it inflationary?

Can we infer Satoshi’s preference for SoV vs. MoE based on his dislike of bank bailouts?

Do Satoshi’s cryptic references to gold suggest that he wanted Bitcoin to be a SoV first?

Is a MoE-first version of Bitcoin so non-threatening to governments that Satoshi wouldn’t have bothered being anonymous?

Does Szabo’s theory of money’s four-stage evolution imply Satoshi intended Bitcoin as a SoV?

Should we ignore Satoshi’s many references to Bitcoin as MoE because it was just marketing?


The object level

The meta level


The meaning of money, expanded




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