Lesser known reasons to keep blocks small, in the words of Bitcoin Core developers

If we could somehow increase the block size to a level that would keep transaction capacity above demand for two years, in a way that was safe for decentralization during this period, would you be in favor of doing so?

  1. If we increase the block size, we create an implicit promise that we will keep increasing it indefinitely. Even if increasing the block size is safe now, this won’t always be true. It’s best to hold firm on keeping blocks small to prevent users from expecting further increases.
  2. We will need fees to pay for security at some point in the future, so it’s important to create a fee market soon.
  3. Keeping transaction capacity ahead of demand removes the incentive to build, deploy, and maintain more long term scaling solutions such as the Lightning Network, so we should let blocks fill up now.

Quotes from Core Developers

Open debate would help




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Elliot Olds

Elliot Olds

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