The Bitcoin block size debate is not just about technical expertise

  1. How much should it cost someone to run a full node? What’s the highest price we’re OK with?
  2. Does Bitcoin have a social contract? If so what is it, and how much weight should we give it?
  3. How should we trade off risks to decentralization vs. other things? (Be sure to click through to both links if you find yourself upset by this question.)
  4. How likely is it that a smaller or larger block size limit will have any significant impact on Bitcoin’s adoption or price?
  5. How quickly will the costs of bandwidth/storage/computing power likely fall in the future?
  6. Should we avoid keeping fees low now even if we can do so safely, so users don’t get the wrong expectations for the future?
  7. How important is the “Fidelity problem” as described here by Jeff Garzik?
  8. How important is it to encourage adoption in the early stages of Bitcoin’s growth, because of money’s network effects?
  9. Are controversial hard forks a legitimate method of Bitcoin governance? In this post, Greg Maxwell suggests controversial hard forks are close to theft. Others believe they are healthy.
  10. How will users, businesses, and investors most likely react to a controversial hard fork?




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Elliot Olds

Elliot Olds

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